You're free to fly tonight.

Hello and welcome to Featherdance, the TFL approved fanlisting and rather small tribute to Falkner (Hayato) of a little ol' animanga and video game series called Pokémon. Falkner is the first gym leader the player encounters in the Johto region, and was the first Flying-type gym leader to be introduced. When I first saw him at the tender age of eleven, he somehow stood out from all the other gym leaders, at least to me. Although the Pokémon series isn't exactly best known for it's character development, this website will be an attempt to examine his character. Please feel free have a look around and enjoy your stay :)

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The current layout is version three, featuring a beautiful piece of fanart that I found here. I wanted something fresh and clean to go with a content update I had planned, and this design worked perfectly for that idea. I'm pretty happy with the results - simple is often best. Resources used are from reecito at deviantart. The fonts used throughout the website are called Bebas Neue, The Best Night, and Averin as the body text.