The Dreams and Goals of a Trainer.

Throughout the Pokémon series, in any of it's forms, one of the constants of Falkner's personality is his habit of setting goals for himself. In addition to that, he also has the ability and the willpower to see his goals achieved. His goals come in the form of steps, with each achievement taking him steadily higher. For example, he wanted to become a police officer in the manga and achieved that goal. After that, he wanted to become the Violet City gym leader, and he accomplished that as well. In the beginning of SGC/HGSS, he wants to become a stronger trainer and he does so as witnessed by his rematches further along in the Gen. IV games. His ultimate goal is to become the greatest master of bird Pokémon, and I think it is not an unrealistic goal for him. Falkner is a steadfast and determined young man with seemingly impossible dreams, but he has the strength to see them fulfilled.

With such intense strength of character and an iron will to match, he can achieve anything if he sets his mind to it. I think it is this trait in particular that caught my attention in the first place (well, in addition to a pretty handsome character design) and what keeps my attention so many years after first encountering him. I think out of all characters in the series, he has a particular understanding and sensitivity to the Pokémon around him. The idea of clipping a bird Pokémon's wings is enough to enrage him. In the HGSS manga, when Falkner, Chuck, and Bugsy are protecting Morty from suspicious characters seeking his abilities, Chuck's Hitmontop recognizes Silver's Rhyperior from a previous battle. Chuck assumes that his Hitmontop stops because it is injured, but Falkner is able to see the truth behind the Pokémon's actions. It is this hypersensitivity and passion that will, in addition to his skills and willpower, eventually allow him to become the greatest Flying-type Pokémon master. I just hope that I'll be able to see it happen.