Details on his personality.

Though little is seen of Falkner in both the anime and the games, he is not an easy character to forget even amongst such a large cast of interesting characters.

Throughout the games, Falkner is idolized by many regional trainers as a "cool and handsome trainer" due to his personality, appearance, and skill in battle. Despite his popularity, he is still often compared to his father who some consider to be much cooler and more handsome than him. He is young and therefore sensitive to such criticism, but is still incredibly proud to have such an amazing father. One of his more adorable traits is this pride, as he is not hesitant to get into arguments about how his father is the best trainer out there. He is also prone to bringing his father up in random conversation and tends to brag about him like any proud teenager might. His pride does not end with the subject of his father. One of the first things he mentions to the player is how he will not allow bird Pokémon to be insulted by getting their wings clipped.

Another of his strong traits is his willpower. He is determined to step out of the shadow of his father and achieve his own goals. He is strong-willed, determined, and a dreamer as most boys his age are bound to be. He is confident in his skills as a trainer and works hard up until the end of a battle, expending all of his energy whether he wins or loses. His confidence and passion can sometimes come across as arrogance. He is passionate about Bird Pokémon and training, and does not hold back in battle. However, Falkner is also able to realize when it is necessary to swallow his pride and take a loss. When he is defeated by the player in Generation IV, he says "I understand... I'll bow out gracefully." and in the next sentence, "A defeat is a defeat." He gives his all, and has no regrets about losing because of it.

Although Falkner is often seen as cool and composed, he definitely has it in him to be rash and hotblooded. He is quick to assess a person or a situation, but his assessments aren't always correct. For example, in the manga he assumes that Gold is responsible for setting a fire, when it was actually Silver. Later on, when protecting fellow gym leader Morty from suspicious people seeking his powers, he wrongly assumes that Silver is someone with bad intentions and is quick to battle with him without seeking an explanation. However, these moments are rare and he is still able to be reasonable after them, such as when Chuck's Hitmontop recognizes Silver's Rhyperior as friend rather than foe and Falkner backs down.

Even as a young policeman in the manga, his base personality is no different than what is described above. He is still passionate, determined, and confident. He has a great sense of right and wrong and believes wholeheartedly in bringing about justice.