A man of many values.

The manga tends to go a little deeper in exploring his character than the anime and the games. Unfortunately, that still doesn't say much since Pokémon isn't really known for character development. In the manga, Falkner is first introduced as a police officer who aspires to become leader of the Violet City Gym as his father once was. Eventually, he is able to do so due to hard work and training, but he hasn't abandoned the thirst for justice he had as a police officer, or the passion to fulfill his dreams.

In the manga, while hunting for wild Pokémon to catch, Falkner stumbles across a poacher and is about to arrest him when they are attacked by Raikou and Entei. Falkner saves the man he was about to arrest from Entei's attack and then attempts to catch the two legendaries. He almost succeeds until Suicine saves them by catching the Pokéballs in the bubbles of it's Bubblebeam attack. Falkner then attempts to catch all three, once again nearly succeeding in capturing Suicine. Skarmory's wing is broken by Suicine, and Falkner and the poacher plummet to the forest floor only to be saved by Suicune's Bubblebeam. Afterward, Falkner proceeds to arrest the poacher.

This encounter may not seem like much, but it is actually a good example of Falkner's morals and values. For one thing, we know that Falkner is against the poaching of Pokémon and the cruel treatment it involves. Secondly, we know that no matter who might get hurt, even if they are poachers might deserve it, Falkner will not allow harm to come to someone if there is something he can do to prevent it. And third, we know that fulfilling his own dreams means a lot to him because he fights to capture the legendaries until he is no longer able to.

Another thing Falkner values greatly is loyalty. In the HGSS manga, he is asked to protect Morty of Ecruteak City from suspicious characters seeking to abuse his psychic abilities. Alongside Bugsy and Chuck, he stands vigilant at the doors to the city's gym, questioning anyone who wishes to enter. When he mistakes Silver for someone with ill wishes, he seems genuinely disgusted by the very thought of someone trying to use his friend. He doesn't hesitate to use force in an attempt to keep those suspicious people away - something I don't think he wouldn't be as passionate about if he didn't have a strong sense of loyalty. Even when Arceus approached and destroyed Ecruteak City's Gym, he didn't move from his place in front of the doors until he was attacked and knocked unconscious. He stood there doing his duty to the very last second despite knowing there was no chance of victory out of sheer loyalty.